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Our Mission

Empower a diverse set of today’s climate-tech leaders with capital and community to seed tomorrow’s necessary climate solutions. 

A collaboration by Earthshot Ventures & Climate Capital

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The Fund

About The Climate Scout Fund

The Climate Scout Fund combines the global networks of Climate Capital, Earthshot Ventures and Elemental Excelerator to successfully execute the first climate-focused scout fund. 

We’re recruiting an exceptional group of climate scouts who are plugged into powerful early-stage networks (eg YC, GoogleX, etc.), many of whom angel invest today, and empowering them with capital & community to invest in exciting pre-seed climate companies.


Sundeep Ahuja

Co-founder, Climate Scout Fund; Founder & GP at Climate Capital

Mike Jackson

Co-founder, Climate Scout Fund; Managing Partner at Earthshot Ventures

Learn more about the Climate Scout Fund in this CC Insights post.
If you're a VC looking to Partner with the Climate Scout Fund, please contact us.

The Scouts

The Scouts

Nominations now open

Know an incredible founder, investor, researcher, or other awesome person in the climate tech community who's meeting or hearing about tomorrow's notable climate founders? If so, please nominate them here

and we'll ask them to apply if they feel like a fit for the Fund.

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